“On the field of the Self stand a knight and a dragon.  You are the knight.  Resistance is the dragon." Steven Pressfield has become one of my favorite authors.  When I discover an author I like, I ravenously read everything they have written.  I am this way with Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Dale Brown, Miles Munroe and others.  Pressfield started the fresh fascination with the Spartan 300 with his book, The Gates of Fire, about the Battle at Thermopylae.  His historical fiction is unmatched.

Recently, my son gave me his Kindle electronic book reader because his IPad does everything the Kindle does and more.  I have really enjoyed it and on it I discovered a little piece done by Pressfield for aspiring artist, especially authors. It is simply called, Do The Work.  I actually read it in the Greenville/Spartanburg airport while waiting for my flight home from the latest Sons Gathering.  The first chapter so impacted me that I had to share it here.

Pressfield says that there are three main enemies of creativity (my interpretation), but for this blog post we will only look at the first and foremost foe of being creative as God intends us to be.  Resistance is the dragon that stands between us and victory!  Pressfield approaches this heartless antagonist from a purely humanistic vantage point.  We, who trust in Christ, have the advantage of understanding that it is but a shadow of the malevolent spiritual horde which seeks to halt all that the Father does on earth.

Doing anything that requires creativity, vision, growth, transformation, change, education, conviction, passion, or commitment will elicit Resistance.  Resistance is the inevitable response to any act that rejects immediate gratification in favor of long-term growth, health or integrity.  Pressfiled sees resistance as an impersonal force of nature, but we know it has a face and is the expression of the fallen archangel, Lucifer.

Because it is a spiritual force, resistance is Invisible.  It is a repelling force seeking to prevent you from being creative.  It is negativeIt’s aim is to distract and prevent you from accomplishing anything. 

Resistance is InsidiousIt lies; it deceives, and will do anything to stop you from doing and being you (What God intended, my interpretation). 

Resistance is Impersonal.  It hates equally.  It is indifferent and shows no mercyIt is malevolent and evil. 

Resistance is Irresistible without divine assistance.  It is a law of fallen nature (my interpretation).  But we can use it as a compass to point us in the way not to go.  The more important the act, the greater the resistance. 

Resistance is Universal.  It is everywhere, all at onceIt is obviously not God, but resists all He does and is (my interpretation). 

Resistance never sleeps.  The fear of it never goes away, but we can use it to drive us on to be creative. 

Resistance plays for keeps.  It takes no prisonersIt is an equal opportunity murderer and abortionist of vision and ideas. (my addition)


Paul says something similar when he declares that our warfare is not against flesh and blood. (2 Corinthians 10)  We battles legions of unseen foe who desire our ruin because it is the only way they can hope to hurt God.  You say, "Well I never signed up for a war!"  Yes, you did, when you gave your life to Christ.  His enemies became your enemies and you are a much easier target than Him. 

Let not your heart be trouble!  He has overcome the world and every enemy in it.  The Son is seated at the right hand of the Father, with everything under His feet and we are seated in Him with Him.  Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.  This world hates you, fellow believer, because it hated Him.  Take up the spiritual panoply, arm yourself with the Word and with faith.  Stand firm and pray!  We are more than conquerors in Him.

If you are not feeling resistance in your life, it is because you are not attempting anything of eternal worth.  You ever wonder why it is so easy to sin and so hard to be disciplined?  The answer is resistance.  Pressfield has this pegged!  He encourages us with his advice, but his misses the complete story.  Resistance is real and ever present.  It is built into the fabric of the curse of this fallen world.  We have been given the keys to the Kingdom and posses the privilege of praying this prayer, "Our Father, who rules in heaven, we exalt Your name!  We ask that Your Kingdom (the rule of God), would express itself on earth and Your Will be done, as they are displayed in heaven..."

I read the last chapter of the book of history and WE WIN!

Fight the good fight and express the very likeness of God by being creative today!

Resist the resistance...slay your dragon!