It is not like me to respond so quickly following a life-changing event because I have always consider myself a late reactor, but here is a brief but immediate report from the past week at Firecreek Mountain near Asheville, NC...

We had everyone write a brief description of their experience and evaluation of the 4 days together and I could only write one word: WOW!

Each of the previous gatherings were special in themselves, but this group was exceptional.  Less than two weeks ago we only had around 10 men signed up for the event.  This is a good number and would be easier to facilitate, but we have room for about 25.  Dad was in Arlington, Texas two weeks ago and the church that was hosting him had not yet received their permit of occupancy for their new building they had hoped to open with Dad being there.  So, on Sunday morning we met in a Seventh Day Adventist Church and then in the evenings, Dwight McKissic opened his building at Cornerstone Baptist Church to us.  It was a divine appointment!

Not only was it a special week with the precious people at White Stone who hosted us, but we reconnected with Dwight, whom we had know for years from a distance.  There was an immediate and supernatural bond between us.  Dwight, his very busy schedule notwithstanding, made every meeting and even hosted a lunch gathering with many of his pastor friends in the area.  Again, the connection was unearthly. 

The final night, Dr. Burton Purvis, pastor of White Stone, allowed Dr. McKissic to share at the end of the service as the host of the building we were using.  I had mentioned to him that we were having a gathering of spiritual sons with Dad coming up in May.  That night he confessed that he was praying for God to give him the wherewithal to go himself to this meeting and to bring 3 other men with him.  On Friday, I was driving Dad to his next engagement in Atoka, Oklahoma, and received a call from Dwight's assistance.  She began the conversation with, "Tim, we may have a problem!"  As I listen to her, I knew immediately that we did not have a problem.  She was calling to tell me that Dwight had now invited a total of 10 men to come with him to the Sons Gathering and did we have room for them?  I told her that we would make room!  The next day, she called to confirm that they had booked their flights and that 3 addition men would be coming with Dr. McKissic.  What a problem to many people!

We had room and this team of pastors and ministers from Texas and California went to great lengths to attend the gathering and it was outrageous!  God united us in a way only God can.  Did I mention that each of these thirteen men were of the African-American persuasion?  This gathering truly resembled the Kingdom of God as including all races!

Words really cannot express what happened.  WOW is the only word I can find to describe it.  God opened eyes and expanded horizons and confirmed calls.  He healed broken hearts and set captives free!  He stretched each one of us and increased our understanding and faith for the Kingdom of heaven to come into our lives here on earth.  It was remarkable and we are all floating a foot off the ground buoyed by the glorious experience.

I have one other word to describe the week.  It is gratitude.  I am so thankful for this time with my new brothers, both black and white!  God is so good to allow me to be in relationship with these men.  I will forever cherish our time together and am determined to know them better!  Also, thankfulness is the term I would use to describe the team that came with Dwight McKissic.  At every turn they were thanking me or Dad or our hosts, and most of all thanking God.  I can honestly say I do not think I have ever been with a more grateful group!  It was humbling and gratifying!

There will be more to come so come back soon to see the next installment of reactions and reports, but I had to get this out now.  One of my hidden agendas is to make you who were not able to be with just a little bit jealous so you will make every effort to join us for the next gathering of sons with Jack Taylor.