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Sonslink is about:

  • CONNECTION: We feel called to connect fathers and sons to vanquish the orphan spirit and advance the Kingdom of God as a Kingdom family.
  • COMMUNICATION: We feel called to create the means for regular personal communication that established and maintains relationship.  We need to communicate with God and with one another.  We need the presence of God and the proximity of one other.  Communication is the key to community.
  • COMPLEMENTATION: We feel called to connect and communicate in order to complement.  In the Kingdom Family of God there is no place for competition because we are all accepted and approved in Him together.  Fathers release sons who can serve together for the benefit of all.  The Body of Christ cannot function properly without mutual deference and preference.  The whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts in the Family of God.  The ultimate goal of Sonslink is to connect fathers and sons together in close personal communication so that we can complement one another in our personal lives and corporate ministries.

Some Vital Questions:

  • What are you looking for?
If you are pursuing anything other than the Kingdom of God, you are headed for ruin.  "Seek first, the Kingdom..." In the Kingdom we find the Family of God and in this community we discover the relationships that sustain, secure and satisfy us.  What are you looking for that will transform you and your world?
  • Who is your father?
We must receive the heavenly Father in order to become a son.  The Older Son of Luke 15 lived in the house with the father all of his life, but never became a true son.  No one can replace God as one's Father, but we need a father with skin on who express the heart of the Father so we can experience and embrace it.  We need the presence of God, the Father, and we need a spiritual earthly father who will demonstrate the Father's love, and nurture and discipline us as we walk together in this life.  Only fathers can make sons.  Our destiny is becoming sons and daughters.  Who is your father who expresses the heart of God to you in the flesh?
  • Who are your brothers?
Just as we need fathers in the flesh, we need brothers and sister who we can walk with in this earth.  The overwhelming majority of the commands of God, as well as the promises of Scripture are plural.  We were not intended to walk this life alone.  People hear a similar sound to draw near as God is building a spiritual family in the earth that will represent Him and do His will.  We need one another and in the Kingdom Family of God, we realize the magnitude of the mission and the power of God is released through us to fulfill it.  Who are your brothers who will accomplish this with you?
  • Who are your sons?

Just as it is vital that we know who our father is, it is just as important to know who our sons are.  The goal of sonship is to become a father, a father that produces sons.  This is the magnificent mystery of generational transfer that is genuine discipleship that we are commissioned to perform.  As we learn to be sons we become fathers who rear sons who become fathers and so on and so on.  This is true in the natural as well as in the spiritual.  Who are your sons whom you are raising up to change the world?

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